Open PhD positions

The STAR (Software Testing and Analysis Research) group of USI (Università della Svizzera italiana) is looking for new PhD students in the field of software and quality engineering. The PhD candidates will work in a team under the supervision of Mauro Pezzè. The studentships are funded as part of bilateral academic industry projects and Swiss National Foundation projects on testing, analysis and self-healing in the context of Cloud and Ultra Large Software Systems. Each student will focus on one of these research lines:

— generating test inputs for interactive applications: approaches to automatically generate input event sequences from implicit shared knowledge and system behavior for web, mobile and wearable interactive systems, by means of deterministic and probabilistic dynamic analysis approaches to automatically capture the system behavior, and semantic web and natural language processing to derive input values for text fields.

— generating and executing test cases and interleavings for message passing and event driven applications: approaches to explore the interleaving space for identifying the interleavings that may violate the application semantics, and for generating test cases that induce untested event interleavings leading to not-yet-explored behaviours of concurrent and event driven applications, model driven and machine learning approaches to explore the interleaving space and deal with asynchronous events and imprecise data from mobile and wearable devices

— predicting and healing failures in cloud applications: approaches to relate anomalous behaviors to incoming functional and security failures in ultra large cloud systems, by means of data analytics, time series analysis, network theory and machine learning.

Scholarships are in line with the Swiss standards. The projects involve the collaboration with international teams and give the opportunity to spend periods abroad as part of the PhD program.

The selected PhD candidates will start in fall (September 2018), MSc as well as master students who plan to graduate in fall or before, are welcome to apply. Application deadline is May 1st.

If you are interested please contact Mauro Pezzè ( for further questions and information.